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Free your pets from being in dog crates all day. Our Shields® Line of Indoor Solutions protects your pets and your property, providing you confidence that your pets are not hurting themselves or damaging your home.

SmartShields® Solution

Change the way you live with your pets indoors. SmartShields® allow you to leave your pets out of their kennels, while being confident that they are as secure as if they were in them. SmartShields®, along with a Boundary Plus Smart® System Collar, create customized, modular boundaries around your home protecting your pets from damaging furniture, getting in the trash or going into rooms you don’t want them to.

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    Works exclusively with the Boundary Plus Smart® System and Smart Fence App.

    One system, one app, complete protection for your pets inside and outside your home. Our Smart App takes the Invisible® Benefit of SmartShields® and displays key information like device location and battery level, as well as allowing you to toggle on/off, so you’ll be reassured that your system is working properly.

    No more dog crates.

    Reduce your pets’ stress and anxiety of being kept in a confined space all day by opening up your home to your pets in a secure way. SmartShields® create a wireless Invisible Boundary® Area around personal items, furniture or areas of rooms. A small wire can be connected to SmartShields® and routed around larger or more custom areas like a floor rug or entire room with multiple doors. Your pets will have total independence, but within the boundaries you set.

    Great for multi-pet homes.

    Multiple SmartShields® can be used around your home and multiple pets can be on the SmartShields® unit – each with their own individualized boundaries. For example, you can allow your cat to get on the couch, but not allow your dog. So, go ahead and play favorites.

Shields® Plus Indoor Solution.

Dog proof your home with the drop of a disc, while keeping him out of a dog crate. Ideal for cats, too.

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    Ideal for furniture, rugs and sections of rooms.

    Is your dog getting on the couch? Does your cat jump on your counter? Invisible Fence® Brand can protect your pets from hurting themselves or damaging your home, while still enjoying the independence in your home.

    Protect your pets from furniture, entertainment centers, parked cars and more.

    Is your dog getting on the couch? Does your cat jump on your counter? Wherever you place a Shields® Plus Indoor Unit you will create an adjustable Invisible Boundary® (up to 12 feet in diameter) around areas you want to protect your pets from.

    Shield all of your pets.

    Shields® Plus can be customized to each pet in your home, including cats (yes, cats), and is fully compatible with our patented Boundary Plus® Wired and exclusive Doorman™ Electronic Dog Door for a total home solution

Micro Shields® Indoor Solution

All the protection and convenience of Shields® Plus, just smaller.

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    Ideal for trash cans, house plants and your favorite pair of shoes.

    Is your dog getting in the trash? Do you have a cat eating a plant? With an adjustable boundary of up to 3 feet in diameter you can protect your pets from smaller items throughout your home.

    Portable protection for your extremely extroverted pup.

    Micro Shields® is a great way to teach enthusiastic dogs not to jump on guests at the front door. Additionally, at just 3 inches in size you can keep Micro Shields® on you to prevent an unexpected dog pile.

    Add to your Boundary Plus® Wired Total Home Solution.

    Small enough to move throughout the house, Micro Shields® is a great way to teach enthusiastic dogs not to jump up on your family or guests when entering your home. Measuring just 3 inches, you can keep Micro Shields® on you or place it in a number of discreet areas.

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